I am extremely privileged to be able to write the foreword to the Malaysia Society of Radiographers newsletter. What a year to be President! At the time of my inauguration last April, I was looking forward to a busy year, meeting members and undertaking the tasks associated with the role.

It is a special honour and a privilege to begin my term as president of the Malaysia Society of Radiographers. I am deeply grateful to my predecessor, Mr. Faizal Abdullah, for his leadership and outstanding contributions to MSR during his presidency, and the members of the Executive Committee of 2017-2019. I am inspired by their commitment to MSR and all of their achievements, deserves an enormous thank you from all of us.

As a membership organisation – and one where I believe firmly the members have a voice – it is not possible to please all of the people all of the time. The diversity of our profession, the diversity of opinion, and the diversity of talent within radiography and radiotherapy is what makes it a thriving and vibrant profession to be in.

Just because the MSR is doing well doesn’t mean that we can’t do even better. One of my top goals for the next two years is to try to address the needs of our young members. Students entering training now have hopes and dreams way above my aspirations of 25 years ago, but then again I little dreamt I would be President.

So, why should you be an MSR member and support this society? MSR is devoted to promoting the discipline of radiography and radiotherapy. This means using all of our resources to expand clinical and academic knowledge and improve at all levels, to provide venues for our members to share their findings – whether in person, print or online – and to establish important contacts to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration.

I must thank all the members for their support, not only of myself, but of our profession. I must also thank all of our members, who have welcomed and encouraged me wherever we have met. It really makes a difference. I hope that I have given you a flavour of what is happening now and what is to come. It sounds obvious to say that a membership organisation needs to work for its members in order to succeed. The Executive Council of MSR recognise that membership is not only our principal source of income, but also our very reason for existence.

Making our voice heard in emphasising the value of excellent, timely imaging and radiotherapy services has been a major priority and it is encouraging to see that our members continue to push for improvements in standards of care, despite the economic pressures.

Our focus is to keep in touch with our members regularly and understand their requirements and extend our assistance, when it is required. Our members can rest assured that MSR will continue to be an organization upon which they can rely on and trust. The past 49 years have been an amazing journey for us. Whatever the future holds, be assured that MSR will continue to strive towards excellence as has been done by our previous Executive Committees. We will always remember our proud heritage.


Thank you.


Sawal Marsait


Malaysian Society of Radiographers (2019-2021)