We are proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website. On behalf of all of Malaysian Society Of Radiographers, welcome! Our old website served us well for the past five years, but technology continues to develop and with this redesign we will be able to take advantage of the most current tools to make our advocacy most effective and carry our message forward. What are some things to check out?

Get connected
The new site has a modern layout and design, it is optimized to view it in multiple devices and using any level of internet connection. So whether you are on an iPad at home, Android phone in the field, or using your grandparents PC, you will be able to join our online Malaysian Society Of Radiographers comunity.

Get organized
The website structure is more organized, we have moved to a system that uses thematic associations between parts of the site. Now you can go to any page, and you will be given a set of associations with what you are looking at to more organically learn about any topics of your interest. Just look in the above navigation bar to learn more about what you see on the site.

Get social
We focused on integrating social media into every part of the site, so wherever you are you can share what you see with your friends and colleagues. We are also focusing more on multimedia, so images, videos and other multimedia content are emphasized to maximize the impact of our messaging.

Jump in!
We encourage you to explore the new site, although much has changed, all of the resources that we have created over the years are still part of the site. Thanks to everyone who has given us feedback on the site design, and helped us to create the more connected, organized and social Malaysian Society Of Radiographers website you see today.