Benefits of being MSR member

  • Promotes Radiographers’ voice in Malaysia.
  • Enables understanding by sharing of ideas to increase best practice.
  • Cross fertilization of ideas allows for standardization of imaging procedures & techniques.
  • Facilitates friendship by bringing together a family of professionals of common purpose.
  • Instills pride/ sense of belonging by being part of a larger fraternity. Provides a sense of empowerment

How to become members of Malaysian Society of Radiographers (MSR)

  1. Fill in your particulars in the registration form. Scroll down to go to registration form. Alternatively, please go to
  2. Pay the entrance fee of RM10.00 and the yearly fee is RM40.00. The total amount for the first-time register will be  RM50.00.
  3. If students want to become members, they can be associate members and the yearly fee is RM10.00 with an entrance fee of RM10.00, so the total will be RM20.00

# For radiographers who are applying to work outside Malaysia, you need to become MSR member for at least 5 consecutive years. This means that you will have to pay for at least 5 years of membership ahead.



To renew MSR membership

  1. Pay the renewal fee through

NOTE: New application for MSR life member is currently on hold.  For more information please mail us to